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Letters from Ryokko Aojiru Fans
Letters from Ryokko Aojiru Fans (Translated)

Ms. J. Be, Long Beach, CA
Two years ago I was introduced to Ryokko Aojiru by a relative as a new type of drink. After I tried it, I found it very delicious and refreshing. After a period of time I noticed that I feel healthier and my body feels so clean inside. I enjoy having a drink of Ryokko Aojiru after exercising, while doing work, and any other time in between. I gave some to my friends, and they really like it and would drink more. Feeling healthy is great and I would like it if I can live for a long time with the Ryokko Aojiru.

Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to buy and drink Ryokko Aojiru in the near future.

Mrs. E Nishimoto, Irvine, CA
I have a 6 year-old daughter. She's been constipated since she was 4 months old. Doctor prescribed Magnesium oxide for her in Japan. After we came to US when she was 3 years old, she avoided taking medicine and once a week she sat in a restroom for more than 1 hour and had as hard feces as she can not bear the pain. I sometimes saw blood in the toilet. I tried many kinds of foods and supplements in order to release her from constipation, but nothing worked on her. About 6 months ago, I saw the infomercial and decided to try Ryokko Aojiru. Right after she started taking Ryokko Aojiru, she had a bowel movement once in 2 day or 3 days. I believe that Ryokko Aojiru really helped her relieve from severe constipation. It's great that Ryokko Aojiru is easy to drink and when mixed with milk, it makes it even easier for her. She's been taking Ryokko Aojiru twice a day now.

Ms. N. Coleman, Pomona, CA
My chest feels so much better after taking Ryokko Aojiru. I highly recommend it to others. Truly, this is such a good product.
Thank you!

Ms. Motoe Matsuno
I'd been having constipation since my childhood. However, it is truly amazing that after I started drinking Aojiru, I was free from the severe constipation. Now, I enjoy my meals every day and became energetic. I decided to share the benefits with my mother. At the beginning, my mother had a bad image of Aojiru that it's bitter. But, after experiencing the effectiveness, she became a big fan of Ryokko Aojiru. Now, my mother is 85 years old and she is very confident to live 100 years by drinking Ryokko Aojiru. By noticing a change in my mother's lifestyle, my whole family; two sisters, brothers and husband started drinking it too. I believe that Ryokko Aojiru provides us a healthy life not only physically but mentally as well.

Mr. Ryoichi Shinoka
I decided to drink Ryokko Aojiru because I wasn't eating enough vegetables. Surprisingly, ever since I start taking Ryokko Aojiru, I've been feeling much better. Even my long suffering from constipation has been solved. I appreciate Ryokko Aojiru. Now, I am over 80 years old and enjoy walking for 40 minutes every morning. If I'm asked what my source of health is, I tell people that it is Ryokko Aojiru that keeps me going. Being healthy feels great and I'd like to live 100 years. I hope many people can take Ryokko Aojiru. Thank you very much.

Mr. Hidetoshi Nakamura
It has been more than 4 years since I started drinking Ryokko Aojiru.
I check up once every year and haven't had a problem but rather being very healthy.
I don't do anything special. I just drink Ryokko Aojiru every day and keep regular hours.
I appreciate Ryokko Aojiru because I know it really does support my health.
I will continue drinking Ryokko Aojiru from now on.

Mr. Matsumoto
I was always very doubtful about mail order products. But somehow, I was attracted by Ryokko Aojiru. Some people around me opposed buying it, but I bought the product a half year ago. Now, I take one box a month. I have fresh complexion and am very healthy. My wife and neighbors noticed the change in my condition too. I've heard many favorable comments that I look much younger and healthier than before. Soon, they will order Ryokko Aojiru too.

Ms. Keiko Sawa
I am 57 years old and started taking Ryokko Aojiru 4 months ago.
Since then, I have been feeling great every morning.
And my coworkers told me that I have better skin than before.
I want to be healthy until I become 100 years old.

Ms. Kyoko Kajiwara
My sister recommended Ryokko Aojiru for a regular bowel movement. After start taking the product, I was surprised that not only it worked on my constipation but also my skin got healthier. Even my 9 year old son and 2 year old daughter are enjoying Ryokko Aojiru.

Mrs. Kumiko Kobayashi
My husband had a poor digestion so he started drinking Ryokko Aojiru for the first time.
He really liked it because it tasted so good and refreshing. After noticing his changes, I decided to take Ryokko Aojiru because I also had a digestion problem. Now my body condition has greatly improved. Thanks to Ryokko Aojiru, and both of us now have Aojiru time together instead of tea time every day. We enjoy our Aojiru time while listening to music and on our daily conversation. We will continue taking Ryokko Aojiru from now on hoping to keep our happy life together.

Mr. Satoru Nagao
I can't take any tablets, but luckily, Ryokko Aojiru is a fine powder that can easily be dissolved into water making it easy for me to drink. Also it tastes great!! Drinking Ryokko Aojiru is my habit, and I've been taking 2 to 3 packs a day carrying them every day to work. I gave some packs to my friend whose wife has a bad health condition. They really liked Ryokko Aojiru and are willing to order. I am very confident recommending Ryokko Aojiru to anyone because I am truly experiencing its benefits.

Ms. Mai Ootsubo
I noticed that my father has been energetic and happy recently.
I was wondering what was going on with him.
Then I found out that he has been drinking Ryokko Aojiru after meals every day.
He has tried so many health supplements before, but it didn't last a month.
Ryokko Aojiru is the only one that he continues taking.
I am very happy to see him healthy and I want him to live a long healthy life.

Mrs. Takako Narita
My husband is working away from home and lives by himself. He eats out often and drinks alcohol a lot. His daily meals are greasy and lack of vegetables so he started drinking Ryokko Aojiru. He could not drink milk because he had weak intestines. But, he now drinks milk with Ryokko Aojiru without any problem.

Ms. Makiko Fujiwara
I had a preconception that Aojiru would taste very bad. I've always thought that anything healthy must taste bad. But one day I saw Ryokko Aojiru on TV. There, people were saying “Delicious” after drinking Aojiru and that got me curious and interested in Ryokko Aojiru. In fact, Ryokko Aojiru is refreshing. It tastes even better if it's mixed with milk. Ryokko Aojiru is delicious!

Mr. Tsutomu Ishiguro
It's been one year since I started drinking Ryokko Aojiru.
I often attend various meetings and drink alcohol.
With the schedule I have, it's difficult for me to eat enough vegetables.
I strongly felt the need of vegetables so I decided to take Ryokko Aojiru.
I take one packet in every morning and evening.
Now days, I am no longer constipated feeling refreshed every morning.
Thank you.

Mr. Shokichi Nomoto (79 years old)
I am 79 years old and it has been 8 months since I started drinking Ryokko Aojiru.
My health condition got much better and now I am able to stay overnight with my work.
In the past, I couldn't enjoy any food because of my constipation. But, now I feel great, and I have regular bowel movement every day. I enjoy daily meals and somehow my knee pain went away too. I used to get a shot at the hospital every 3 days to relieve my knee pain. My friend was shocked to see me not going to a hospital anymore. I explained and recommended Ryokko Aojiru to him. He was so happy to hear my secret of health and probably he will give it a try soon. Thanks to Ryokko Aojiru!

Ms. Kayo Ibuki (32 years old)
I live alone and my eating habit tends to be irregular.
Knowing that daily diet is very important to be healthy and beautiful, I take 3 packets of Ryokko Aojiru everyday. I mix with yogurt in the morning, with water after lunch and with coffee in the evening. I feel like I have smoother skin and hair now and I don't have cramps anymore. I enjoy my life more than ever and even enjoy working too!

Mr. Tokumasa Matsushita (58years old)
I am a sailor, and my meals tend to be unbalanced. I sail for 3 months and have a time off for 1 month. When I spend time with my family during my off days, I drink Ryokko Aojiru 3 times a day. I try to exercise and maintain healthy life. After I started drinking Ryokko Aojiru, I sleep very well. Also, I have a good appetite and feel great every day.
I am certain that I must take Ryokko Aojiru to my next sail.

Ms. Chiyoko Ito
I am 70 years old and last year was one of my most difficult years of my life. Both of my husband and aunt passed away. I was mentally and physically exhausted. However, Ryokko Aojiru helped my health getting back on the track. I don't catch flu either. I recommended Ryokko Aojiru to my sister. She said that her blood pressure went down after drinking Aojiru for a while. Because Ryokko Aojiru doesn't have strong taste, I use it for cooking too. The color of the potato salad and jelly becomes light green by adding Ryokko Aojiru making it look very tasty.

Mr. Shuichi Fujikawa
I am 93 years old.
I've been drinking Ryokko Aojiru for 6 months.
Now I have a good appetite and I think that my skin got brighter.
I haven't caught cold since then. I am very fine every day.
I still work and commute 7km away from home with motorcycle.
I renewed my driver's license for another 3 years.
Everybody around me is worried about me, but I am very confident in my health.
I will continue drinking Ryokko Aojiru from now on.

Ms. Michie Yoshie
I had a menopause and I was in depression three months ago.
I saw Ryokko Aojiru on TV and started drinking it.
Unbelievably, now I am so energetic and feeling so great.
I am recommending Ryokko Aojiru to everyone around me.
I am so happy to see my grandson drinks Ryokko Aojiru.
I also want to use Ryokko Aojiru for cooking.