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Ryokko Aojiru Ryokko Aojiru FAQ
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Ryokko Aojiru

Although Aojiru is beneficial to your body, you may have difficulty in drinking Aojiru if the flavor is not right. The reason that we persist on the ‘flavor’ is to have people enjoy drinking Aojiru continuously. One of the main characteristic of Aojiru is that it does not have odd taste. Moreover, we have developed its flavor for your taste pleasure. And, by adding the green tea, not only it taste better, also, flavor becomes clear, the powder is more soluble to both cold and hot water, and adds smoothness while drinking. Furthermore, it is packed in individual sanitary aluminum packets, which helps to maintain its freshness and effectiveness and makes it convenient to use it whenever needed. This is one of the solutions in creating an exclusive Aojiru.

In order to maintain its quality, the professionals (called panelor) frequently check the flavor and smell.  

Ryokko Aojiru is made for any age group from small children to elders to enjoy drinking.


Dissolve into cold water. Ryokko Aojiru is easy to dissolve because of the finely pulverized powder.


If you mix into milk, Aojiru gives the milk a slight green tea taste. Children love it!


Mix into yogurt for your breakfast and snacks. It is also great to mix into yogurt drinks.


If you do not prefer cold water, you can dissolve into hot water!


golden balance aojiru aojiru
Ryokko Aojiru faq

Ryokko Aojiru

3.3g ×90 packs
$109.00 + Shipping & Handling
( CA residents are required to pay sales tax )

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